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UPGRID SOFTWARE is a products and services development company with offices in Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare. We offer a wide range of innovative and complex solutions for businesses of every size. We understand perfectly that each company has different needs and projects and in the same way our solutions are designed.

We use new technologies in order to help companies to run successful businesses. We have a talented team qualified in fields such as Machine Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Web and Mobile Development.

We design, learn and scale rapidly. If you have an idea that might surprise the industry you are operating in, we are here to help you make more progress.

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Our customers have something important in common – a clear vision of how digital technology will transform the businesses and communities they serve. They reach out to us in order to find an experienced partner and they find exactly what they need.

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We are extremely proud of the fact that in all these years we have been able to help our customers fulfill their dreams. We are aiming to be more professional every day.

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From the beginning of our collaboration, we ask all the right questions and validate the necessary assumptions in order to create the architecture and a feasible plan to achieve the stated goals. Therefore, together with our customers, we build successful projects for various industries.
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